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Conor Muffin

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[11 Dec 2010|10:06pm]

diamond dustttMRSA TNVWALLII
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[07 Mar 2010|01:48pm]
and he said "youre all going to die young!" and stumbled back into the bar.

she then flew off her bike and splashed her face on the asfalt. layed there crying. hapy birthday.

sshe was carrying her dogs body back to my car and her glases fell off her face. we took the body home and i went back out to find her glasses. there was 5 of us looking. in the middle of the road in the middle of the night. 2am.

a white car pulled up. with white tires. a middle aged black man wearing a white suit. white shoes. a white hat stepped out of the car. "what are you looking for?"he asked us

our friends glasses we said. we walked up to him and sittin front of his feet were her glasses. it seemed like we had looked there . at that spot. before. multipule times. but god shoed up and shoed us where they were. \

he fell through a roof and broke his back
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painted this at my friends squat in nola [23 Feb 2010|12:04pm]
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meat cannon! [19 Feb 2010|07:59pm]

How to make a really simple bike pump compressing meat cannon to shower your friends with meat with!Collapse )
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[31 Jan 2010|06:58pm]
i slipped in the st roch bathroom last night ona puddle of something and split my chin in half! and bled all over everyone at the bar, the bathtub my bed and my friend lena! >^.^
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[28 Jan 2010|12:52pm]


i made my kitten Puck, a punx vest!

and paint square faces
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[27 Jan 2010|09:36pm]
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[25 Jan 2010|06:55pm]

my belly bucket feels all fucked up and i keep pooing mush. kinda like peeing outta my butt hole but its brown and smelly/death cough

last night the saints wwone and every one was getting all buck weyeld and then this guy almost hit me with his car and i gave him the finger but then he jumped out of his car when i turned around and sneak started punching me in the face a bunch. then my friends made him stop and he was leaving and i hit his car and he jumped out and did it again. woops/i lost and he broke my glasses with his fist of rage and my head hurts now. haha new orleanians. carnival.
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[20 Jan 2010|07:44pm]



oooo some pictures ^_^ my camera really sucks
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[08 Jan 2010|03:07am]
fuck yall we get sloppy
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[31 Dec 2009|09:57am]
today is new years.


living in the upper 9th ward....again but 4th house in the past year.

we made a tio de nadal for christmas. if you dont know what that is look it up. its the best christmas tradition ever.

theres 5 people sleep ing on the flood right now nexxt to me.

these kids are filth.

i have 2 jobs...both of which my bosses get me drunk.
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[03 Sep 2009|12:56am]

I just went for ward in time by an hour and in a couple days im going back in time by 3 hours. this is going to be sweet!
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[21 Aug 2009|05:16pm]
started writing this book of short short choppy storeis called

"I havnt shit solid in weeks, mem-wars from the staph capital of the world"

heres the first parts:

I heard the golden lantern is the bar where trannies go to die.

My house is a complete shit hole. I got mad last night and kicked two holes in the wall 4 feet off the gound. its okay though this place is fallin down on its own it doesnt need my help. every time you walk throught the kitchen you get old pasta and soot on your feet. some times even dog shit.could even be human shit. i guess the floor is our ash tray. were been drunk for days, all of our cups have holes in them so you have to drink fast or find the hole and plug it with your finger while you drink. so you drink fast anyways. i keep forgeting if ive eaten anything this day or that day so i started buying bags of frozen french fries and frying them on our only non stick pan every once in a while. some times i forget to eat them once i cook them anyways though. Theres two british kids who are sleeping in the back room. I dont really know why theyre staying here I dont know if they know anyone who lives here, but they are really emotional during horror films.

I wish i could be a hermit, but its hard when twelve people live in a two bedroom shotgun.

It turns out I didnt lose everything i own last night. my cars still out side. my bikes in the kitchen. dont remeber when i got here or when i left, but i did end up going to the river. the only place that has a resonable tempurature this time of year. like a gigantic outdoor air conditioner. salvation. sanctuary from this place i guess that could be closley related to hell. noone is sober here and people get shot on the corner all the time. thats how you start a new orleans block party. you hear the gun shot and hundreds of people come from blocks around and bring thier lawn chairs and 40oz of king cobera or OE and watch the ambulances laziely roll up to pick up the bodies. its not like they need medical attention. theyre gone.

We use to wake up every morning with the shakes. too much whiskey .no food. no water. we would wander over to this abandoned play ground on the other side of the baracks. no one lived anywhere for blocks around. we would drink quarts of tomatoe juice we got at the food bank. its hard to keep anything down but booze when you got the shakes, so we’d just throw up fountains of what looked like blood while riding our bikes down st.claude. getting it all over our shirts and pants. we smelled like buckets of cigarett buts soaked in vomet.we lived in a shed in Arabi, the closest beer store that didnt ID was over 3 miles away. Kids these days. Wasted.

Some times you just have to give up.

Some times all you can hear is the sizzeling in the kitchen and people screaming. Slamming against these thin walls like a fucking earth quake on the moon. In the quietest forest. No one sleeps anymore, they just walk to the beer store in the rain and come back soaking wet drunk with a twelve pack of busch looking at the sky as thunder explodes. Theres a reason some of us can’t make it through the summer. Some of us leave. Some of us die. Thats the way of the world. At least here. A friend of mines favorite song has a line in it that says “I want to die with all of my teeth”, Most of us already lost that battle.
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[11 Aug 2009|06:31pm]
"haha i just caught you guys making out!"

"were not making out were shot gunning crack!"


the kids these days
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[17 Jan 2009|02:57pm]
what the hell is this place!?

i started making curiocities,. i want to have a show of curiocities at a super fancy gallery one day so im collecting,. i also made this machine that has this guy throwing up into a bucket for eternity! (THAT MEANS FOR EVER) i keep losing my brain again too. thats what living back in new orlenas does ti the me.but ill find it maybe
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this is where im driving to tomorrow! [29 Dec 2008|01:21am]
Driving directions to New Orleans, LA
530 mi – about 8 hours 49 mins
200 Highland Gate CirSuwanee, GA 30024

1. Head northwest on Highland Gate Circle toward Highland Gate Dr 0.4 mi
2. Turn right at Highland Gate Dr 318 ft
3. Turn right at Johnson Rd 0.9 mi
4. Turn left at Suwanee Dam Rd 1.3 mi
5. Turn left at GA-20/Nelson Brogdon Blvd
Continue to follow GA-20 6.2 mi
6. Turn left to merge onto US-19 S 15.7 mi
7. Take exit 7 for State Hwy 140/Holcomb Bridge Rd toward Roswell 0.3 mi
8. Turn right at GA-140/Holcomb Bridge Rd
Continue to follow Holcomb Bridge Rd 1.5 mi
9. Turn left at Alpharetta St/GA-120/GA-140/GA-9
Continue to follow Alpharetta St/GA-120/GA-9 1.4 mi
10. Continue on Magnolia St 0.4 mi
11. Continue on Pine Grove Rd/Shallowford Rd
Continue to follow Pine Grove Rd 2.3 mi
12. Continue on Shallowford Rd 1.3 mi
13. Turn left at Johnson Ferry Rd 0.9 mi
14. Turn right at Post Oak Tritt Rd/Tritt Rd 2.1 mi
15. Turn left at Murdock Rd 0.1 mi
16. Turn right at Prince Howard Dr 0.2 mi
17. Turn left at Prince Howard Trail
Destination will be on the right 240 ft

34.9 mi – about 58 mins
2461 Prince Howard TrailMarietta, GA 30062

18. Head north on Prince Howard Trail toward Prince Howard Dr 240 ft
19. Turn right at Prince Howard Dr 0.2 mi
20. Turn right at Murdock Rd 213 ft
21. Turn left at Casteel Rd NE 1.2 mi
22. Turn left at Oak Ln 0.6 mi
23. Turn right at Johnson Ferry Rd 1.8 mi
24. Slight left to stay on Johnson Ferry Rd 4.3 mi
25. Slight left at Abernathy Rd NW 1.8 mi
26. Take the ramp onto US-19 S 1.3 mi
27. Continue on GA-400 S
Partial toll road 6.2 mi
28. Take exit 1 for Sidney Marcus Blvd toward I-85 N 0.4 mi
29. Turn right at Sidney Marcus Blvd NE 0.4 mi
30. Turn left at GA-237/Piedmont Ave NE 0.3 mi
31. Turn right at GA-236/Lindbergh Way NE/Lindbergh Dr NE 430 ft
32. Slight left to stay on GA-236/Lindbergh Way NE/Lindbergh Dr NE
Continue to follow GA-236/Lindbergh Dr NE
Destination will be on the right 0.3 mi

18.9 mi – about 35 mins
430 Lindbergh Dr NEAtlanta, GA 30305

33. Head east on GA-236/Lindbergh Dr NE toward Peachtree Hills Ave NE 0.4 mi
34. Turn right at GA-237/Piedmont Ave NE 0.4 mi
35. Take the ramp onto GA-13 S 0.9 mi
36. Take the exit onto I-85 S toward I-75
Entering Alabama 166 mi
37. Take the exit on the left toward Mobile/I-65 S 0.4 mi
38. Merge onto I-65 S 170 mi
39. Take the exit onto I-10 W
Passing through Mississippi
Entering Louisiana 103 mi
40. Take the exit on the left onto I-10 W 33.1 mi
41. Take exit 235B toward Canal St 0.2 mi
42. Merge onto S Derbigny St (signs for Canal St) 390 ft
43. Turn right at Canal St 0.8 mi
44. Make a U-turn 354 ft

476 mi – about 7 hours 16 mins
New Orleans, LA

i guess new orleans is this spot right in the middle of canal and royal street with a giant "D" over it

o but were going to the beach on the way too so thats not exactly where im driving. there a couple extra turns here in there some where near biloxi or gulfport and stuff.
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[22 Dec 2008|04:05pm]
in my first and only semester of college i got in...
2d design- A
Drawing- A (101 was my final grade and i didnt even turn in some projects haha)
intro to media app-B+
english 101-C minus (didnt turn in my last paper which was my final ^_^)

and i filled out my withdrawl paper works and im not goin back! ahahaha!
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[19 Dec 2008|02:34pm]
when im at my parents house i drink alot of coffee. im on cup 16 right now. and then i build things.
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[19 Dec 2008|11:44am]

(i wore this shirt for a year in a half, almost everyday ^_^)
so my dad kicked me down this scanner a while ago that scans really welll nice 300 dpi+ images and ive been scanning tons of shit but it just sits on my computer because theres still no internet at my house and never will be again! ha! but ive just been scanning lots of shit and my stamp collecting and all my treasures and everything and i love scanning! but heres some treasures...!
im always going to be a professional treasure hunter!
And i think my parents live a salt free life style because there is no salt in this damn house! im going to build a cover for the bed of my truck and its gonna be like a scret treasure hut. i need to fild really cool old window frames and plexi glass aand make it a little floating truck bed castle!
and and theres this i tunes radio station called...cajun fest under the blues catagory thats really awesome and my mom and i have been listening to it all last night and today.
ooo abd i had a dream i made a new crust as fuck skirt and had an amazing kitten who was super super bad ass.

holy shit theres like 6 days till crist mas and i dont have anything for anyone and all that SHIT
and theres like........... 10 days! till i leave to go go go go and be a drty kids again
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[18 Dec 2008|12:54pm]
every computer i use seems to be fuckin up right now... except mine because it doesnt have internet there for it doesnt fuck up.;.

im cleaning shit out from under my parents deck, i need to figure out if you have to seperate different types of metal and take everything apart when scrapping it and shit.

somone broke my car window the other day and stole my camera out of it and there was glass every where. haha jackass.

im leaving for new orleans on the 29th...very soon...11? days? i dont know what today is.

filled out my withdrawling paper work for school! hah! im fuckin done!

things arnt too exciting right now... cant wait to get back to new orleans....!
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